About Marie

I am a 39-year veteran elementary school teacher. I have 3 children, 8 grands, and 3 great-grands.
I love to travel, cruise, play bridge, read, and surf the internet. Life has been good to me.
My son, a 45 year Crohn’s Patient, is in and out of the hospital and has been on his "death bed", several times over the years. I had to smile my way throughout his illness.  I have had to stay positive every minute of the 45 years.
http://catshoppingmall.com, if successful, is my way to help my son when I am gone.
http://catshoppingmall.com is also my way of letting my friends & family see proof that “Making money on the internet is possible”. If that If I can do it, so can they!  And so can YOU.
Best of Everything,